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My Favorite Podcasts for Business & Growth

Steph SchertzComment
My Favorite Podcasts for Business & Growth

Podcasts are my favorite way to consume non-visual content. I love listening to podcasts on the drive home to visit my family, or running an errand here in the city.

As someone who works from home, I look at podcasts as a way to feel less lonely during the day. Even though I'm not directly interacting with these podcasters, hearing their voices and relating so intensely to the content is comforting and inspiring in a way that's hard to achieve when you spend your day in solitude.

Some of my favorites right now are:


Kathleen Shannon & Emily Thompson recently launched this "Do the Work" podcast that's all about managing your business and the ups and downs that are inevitably part of the experience. Their advice is honest and thoughtful, with the occasional curse word and Emily's delightful southern accent. You can tell these two have a genuine relationship behind the scenes, and it makes listening to their podcast feel like an inspiring, uber-educational coffee date with your girlfriends.


I love pretty much everything Jess Lively does, so it's no surprise that I'm also a huge fan of her podcast, which just premiered its second season (with an insanely awesome episode, by the way). Jess asks such amazing questions of her top-notch guests; the conversation that results from her insightful queries always makes me feel better about my life.


Amy Porterfield isn't kidding around when it comes to educational podcasts jam-packed with instructions and steps for taking your marketing efforts to the next level. In fact, she has so much good stuff in each episode that I frequently listen to them a second time when I'm in a setting where I can take notes. She recently began including a downloadable worksheet with every episode, so you have no excuse but to take action on her advice.


Are you a podcast junkie like me? Which ones are you listening to right now?